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DMX controlled RGB LED Flood Light

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Type:DMX controlled RGB LED Flood Light
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DMX controlled RGB LED Flood Light / RF controlled RGB LED Flood light

1.Adopting to  high power integrated RGB LED, which ensures light is more uniform,light efficiency is higher  
2.Standard DMX512 signal input, internal control and external control.            
3.Unique wireless control, control distance up to 50m
4.Built-in 350mA constant current driver design to ensure light for a stable work            
5.Using high transmittance tempered glass,transimittance 93%          
6.Complying with ROHS,absolutely not contain mercury or other harmful substance              
7.Lifespan is over 35000 hours            
8.May realize "online address grogramming  
Applications: Widely used in various building walls of light color decoration,stage,meeting rooms,display light, ancient building, cultural plaza etc.
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