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GoodLEDLite’4fts LED tube achieves highest efficiency product listed in Yaled lighting DLC category

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Yaled lighting, a manufacturer of LED products targeted for the energy market, is pleased to announce that as of February 7th 2014, the company’s 4ft LED T8 tube is the highest efficiency product in its DesignLights Consortium (DLC) category at greater than 135 lumens per watt.

“In order to achieve this ground breaking efficiency, Yaled lighting has spent the last 5 years perfecting its innovative optical design and highly efficient drivers,” said David Gershaw, President of Yaled. “In achieving this new performance benchmark, GoodLEDLite tops more than 430 other manufacturers on the DLC list. We are now able to offer to our customers exactly what they desire; sufficient light levels, at the lowest possible wattage”.

Yaled lighting has a history of designing and manufacturing cost-effective LED T8 tubes for large OEM customers as well as its own brand since 2007. They have produced and sold millions of LED T8 tubes to-date. Yaled lighting has recorded extensive reliability data, which shows that the tubes not only perform well, they are built to last.

Yaled lighting has worked closely with certification agencies such as UL to ensure that its tubes can be used by fixture assembler’s as well as being used for in-field retrofits.

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