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LED lights Thermal Management

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Thermal management is considered a decisive quality criterion of LED lamps, for although they are more efficient than incandescent and halogen lamps, they still convert about 70 percent of the electric power they consume into heat. By comparison: an incandescent lamp produces 5 percent light and 95 percent heat. LED lamps do not emit heat as infrared radiation as do incandescent lamps, via the glass bulb, but some heat is produced and must be dissipated via a heat sink, in this case the lamp body. The lamp’s head or dome, however, should heat up only very little.
Since the heat of an LED lamp is mainly produced by the electricity it is operated with, the following applies: the higher the power output of an LED lamp, the more heat that is generated which in turn also raises the demands on thermal management. It is therefore not surprising that most LED lamps with higher power output have larger heat sinks than those with lower wattages.If heat is not sufficiently dissipated, the lamp's service life will decrease. An increase in temperature inside the lamp will result in a dramatic reduction of its service life.
When buying LED lamps a consumer should always pay attention to the service life indicated on the package. The service life of LED lamps may vary between 10,000, 15,000 or 25,000 hours, and a shorter service life might indicate that the lamp is at the limit in terms of thermal control, in particular if the surface provided for heat dissipation is too small due to an extremely small size and compact design. Uneven heat dissipation within the LED lamp will also have a negative impact on its service life since some parts of the lamp become much hotter than others. A well designed LED lamp allows for uniform dissipation of the heat produced making it another decisive key feature of a high-quality product. This is why it is all the more important to rely on high-quality products by experienced manufacturers.
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